World of Bytes product pages are going to be...

... (re-)launched on 05-24-2020.

Additionally we are going to introduce some new products and services:

- Wendor™
- zLink™ /™ /
- CensorFree™
- zHeal™
- zeeeTV™ /™

I will not give any fixed release dates right now. All is still work in progress. It's done, when it's done. 

You can expect Wendor (Shopping Platform) and (free Short-URL-Service) to be launched the next weeks - definitely this May.

Stay tuned 🚀

P. S.: Wendor™ will sell very fancy unique masks against the very very dangerous Corona virus 😉 #COVID19


  1. Sounds cool! Lookin forward to release ��️ ��
    Gimme a note when it's done.



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