Cannabis against Cancer

A very good german scientific TV documentary from 3sat. Sorry for the auto-translated description below...

Scientific evidence is increasing: Cannabis has an effect on tumors

Cannabis oil is supposed to cure cancer.

Even German pain patients can get cannabis on prescription in the pharmacy since 2017 - but only as flowers or extract.
Flowers and extract are basically treated like any other prescription medication, but are not identical to the oil.

Initial scientific studies indicate that the psychoactive ingredient in the hemp plant, THC, can actually slow down tumor growth. But what does this mean for cancer research?

Success stories on the internet let patients hope

Painkiller Cannabis

Therapy alternative for seriously ill Renate suffers from an inoperable brain tumor. Their prognosis is very bad, but neither they nor their daughter want to accept that. After a long search on the Internet, Renate has a cannabis drug prescribe. Their hope is based on a veritable hype that has recently spread like wildfire on the Internet:
Cannabis heals cancer! Internet forums and Facebook groups are full of anecdotal success stories.

Israeli Natalie - like many other cancer patients - has stopped chemotherapy and radiation and puts her focus on the healing properties of a cannabis oil.

Where does the hype surrounding this oil come from and what is behind it?

Canadians want to have cured many people with cannabis oil

Canadian Rick Simpson reportedly healed himself with a highly concentrated skin cancer cannabis oil. 
First hints lead to Rick Simpson. The Canadian claims to have cured his own skin cancer with cannabis oil. He allegedly saved the lives of several people:
Thousands of people made and survived the oil according to his recipe. But there is no evidence for that. Instead, there are first indications of the effectiveness in science.
The Rostock pharmacologist Burkhard Hinz has managed to make tumor cells burst with a cannabis molecule.

The biologist David Meiri from Israel is currently investigating the effects of different cannabis strains on tumor cells.

Why does a cannabis concentration kill breast cancer cells - and has no effect on pancreatic cancer?

In Israel, 24,000 patients are prescribed cannabis

Spaniard Manuel Guzman conducted the world's first patient study and demonstrated that THC slows tumor growth. In Israel, cannabis is prescribed in quantities unlike anywhere else in the world. 24,000 patients are now on prescription, 40 percent of them have cancer. But cannabis-cured patients are not found there. There are also case studies in Germany: Sven Gottschling treats eleven-year-old Luca with a THC-containing drug at the Children's Hospital in Homburg. Luca suffers from an inoperable brain tumor. For him and his mother it is a "miracle cure", because it helps against the constant vomiting and spasticity that the tumor causes.

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A film by Wolfram Giese and Julia Zipfel
The science document "cannabis against cancer" tries to get an initial assessment of cannabis as a cancer drug. What is it and where are its limits?

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