World of Bytes™ will make a fundraising...

....for an open media platform combined with a social network for Germans.

I'll give some very short bulletpoints here, but will depth into more detail on the coming launch page of World of Bytes™/ WoBytes™ ->

Here we go:

  • same functionality as YouTube, but made more like BitChute
  • integrated functionality of Facebook, Google+, VK and Human Connection
  • Daily TV Program ->
    • News
      • democratic news feed
        • the engine will present a personalised news feed
        • new AI-Engine prevents opinion-bubbles by variating news sources by influencers. E.g. Newspapers are dependent on advertisement income from 3rd party companies, while other crowd-founded news sources might be more independent, but news are never 100% objective, due to everybody's personal political beliefs.
    • Science / Knowledge-(Sharing) / Do-It-Youself
      • Interviews
      • On-Site Reports
      • User Experience Reports
      • Tests / Reviews
      • Documentaries
      • Do-It-Yourself Clips
      • "Did you already now?" Clips
      • Knowledge Shows
      • Quiz
      • Who will be millionaire? etc.
    • Entertainment
      • Shows
      • Musik
      • Talks
      • etc.
  • Democratic Wiki with random control gremium
    • Truth estimation on users most common opinions and arguments by new innovative AI-Engine
      • voters must always pass basic fact knowledge tests
  • Book recommendations and other primary or secondary information sources on every hashtag generated on EU-Tube