Update of the upcoming GrowBee products

I'm currently planing the naming schema for all products that are planned which of cause will be reflected in marketing and sales pricing.

GrowBee Sun

The "Sun" line will represent all lightning products, which some day might also include home lightning products
  • Z1
  • Z1 Pro
    • Z1 Pro Extensions
      • Z1 Pro can hold 2 UV Extensions for mounting
      • up to 2
        • 15w tubes emitting UV-A and UV-B light
  • Z1x5

GrowBee Hive

Represents the psysical base construction of the GrowBee products

  • Hive 5x5
  • Hive 10x10
  • Hive 20x20
  • Hive Extensions

GrowBee Queen

Interface for the GrowBee App and WebApp. Integrated WiFi, BT and optional other interfaces like X11, Zigbee, z-Wave, etc.

GrowBee Zeus

The big brother of the Queen. Additionally providing advanced watering automation

GrowBee Demeter
The big brother of the GrowBee Zeus. Additionally providing advanced fertilizer management, automatic plant health detection (e.g. fertilizer or watering issues), growth detection and other AI based analytics.

Presale started 2013.