Quick update

I'm at the moment very busy finishing the development of the first GrowBee products. I already sold some first presale versions, even though the website isn't even finished yet. That means next step will be to bring up the World of Bytes website and wendor.de/grow to start the official public sale as soon as possible.

I'm planing to move to the US again beginning of this spring. Until then I still have to finish a lot of stuff here in Berlin. I'm going to renovate my apartment. For the time I will life in California, I'm going to rent my apartment in Berlin. I already created a insertion on Airbnb.com. If someone is interested, just give me a call.

Back in the US I will work on international marketing of my projects, while continuing on it's implementation.

At the moment I expect following loose release times:
  • World of Bytes Homepage exp. rel. CW #5 2019
    • with past consultant/dev experience
    • references
    • knowledge blog/wiki
    • news
    • product information
      • GrowBee
        • GrowBee Sun Line
          • GrowBee Sun Z1 exp. rel. CW #6 2019
          • GrowBee Sun Z1x5 exp. rel. CW #10 2019
          • GrowBee Sun Z1 Pro exp. rel. CW #8 2019
        • GrowBee Queen's exp. rel. CW #7 2019
        • GrowBee Hive
        • GrowBee Extensions
          • Hive Extensions
            • GrowBee SmartHanger exp. rel. CW #7 2019
            • GrowBee SmartHanger Auto exp. rel. CW #10 2019
            • GrowBee Feeler exp. rel. CW #8 2019
              • Bluetooth powered wireless sensors for communication with GrowBee Queen
              • GrowBee Feeler Air
                • temperature, humidity, pressure
              • GrowBee Feeler Air Pro
                • with additional  CO² and other air quality sensors
                • GrowBee Feeler Earth
            • GrowBee H²O exp. rel. CW #12 2019
              • automatic flexible water and fertilizer feeding extension
                • with optional water-tank in different sizes
                • base kit included pipes, valves and pumps etc.
          • Queen Extensions
            • GrowBee Queen Climate Ext exp. rel. CW #8 2019
            • GrowBee Queen CO² Ext exp. rel. CW #12 2019
            • GrowBee Queen Air Ext exp. rel. CW #8 2019
          • GrowBee Sun Extensions
            • GrowBee Sun Z1 Pro UV Ext exp. rel. CW #8 2019
        • GrowBee Box exp. rel. CW #30 2019
          • All-in-one solution for automated growing with build-up and setup service at your place
    • services
      • Wendor
        • wendor.de/grow exp. rel. CW #14 2019
        • v1 with limited functionality exp. rel. CW #14 2019
        • v2 = Amazon+eBay+OTTO+Idealo+Verivox
        • v3 = full functionality launch  exp. rel. CW #1 2020
      • Wendor Coin exp. rel. CW #30 2019
        • new own cryptocurrency
      •  wobytes Free Services exp. rel. CW #50 2019
        • military grade encrypted Instant Messaging service
        • military grade encrypted E-Mail service with delivery/read confirmation 
        • military grade encrypted File Sharing and Collaboration Platform
        • Free SMS Service
        • Free FAX Service
        • VoIP/SIP Gateway Service
        • TinyURL Service
        • and some other free tools