My break... Hello California :)

I took a break and fled to the lovely california, more exactly to silicon valley. Here in Sunnyvale I'm trying to get my head clear, make final decisions and just take some inspiration. The political and social climate in Germany is worser than I ever could have imagine. 
Germany is going from national socialism, over broken capitalism to a new age of international socialism. I'm following what's going on around in the world daily, many hours and I can't stand it anymore, how blind the very most of the german people are. They are as blind, naive and bondaged to the government and media as 1933.

There are, I would estimate around 5% of the german population, that are educated and see what is going on, but these are only waiting for a leader that is fixing all things and whom they can just follow.

I guess we'll find Germany in either military or civil war in the coming years. We are the launchpad for US-American nuclear warheads in masses that can destroy the world. The USA need wars for their economy. There are mighty forces that want a war with Russia. NATO rules DO NOT exclude the possibility of a first strike. Some neocons think their missile defence complexes in East-Europe can prevent a strike-back of Russia, but it can't. At least not anymore. Russia produces cruised missiles that can travel 1/2 of the earth in ultrasonic speed and can evade any attack on them. However... It actually doesn't really matter, because the first strike-backs wont hit the USA, it will hit and destroy most of Germany.

They also fear China as the upcoming world power. Today we already see heavy trade wars. China is very smart and acts very defensively. China definitely does not want any war or conflict. China just wants its place in the world. China want to expand. China want live the American Dream you could say. With approx. round about 20% of all humans on earth, its their good right to claim to be a player not only in economics, but also in politics in every field.

Overall the great american empire is going to fall and the rest of the world is going to rise. Goliath might not hesitate to take action to stay the empire.
What's the name of the country that used the atomic bomb first and only? USA... How was the USA created? On a land full of blood of indigene populations. I doubt they will give much on morality, because they never did. The rules are for the slaves or "partners" NOT for the great empire.


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