Hello blogger.com, other bloggers and hopefully some readers soon!

This is my very first blog post ever. As I'm going to re-start my life after some serious crisis the past 7-8 years I thought it might be useful to freely document my progress.

I'm interested in many many topics. Therefore you can expect to find a lot of different information on this new blog. Be prepared that many of my opinions might look odd in the first instance, but I guarantee, that a lot of things will blow your mind, when you not yet digged into the truther scene.

I'm not a native english speaker. So... When you find mistakes, you can keep it :D No... I'm just kidding. I'm always happy to be corrected. Feel free to complain and FEEL FREE to DISAGREE and DISCUSS.

Thats enough for the moment. I'm now going to continue with the re-foundation of World of Bytes™.