GrowBee™ - Hype the Hive™

I'm going to release some innovative new hardware for fully automated urban gardening and gardening in general.

GroBee Grow Lights

  1. GroBee™ Sun Z1
    • basic affordable grow lite emulating the sun as best as possible for a small budget
    • covers 20x20 inch zone
  2. GroBee™ Sun Z1x5
    • the Z1 with a slightly more complex light spectrum and 5 times the light output
    • covers 50x50 inch zone which will suit for grow tends up to 2x2 feet
  3. GroBee™ Sun Z1 Pro
    • fully customizable spectrum via Android, iOS and Windows App
    • perfect sunlight emulation not only in spectrum, but also in intensity over the day and year of the plants living cycles (seed, seedling/cut, vegetative groth, flower, fruit)
    • covers 10x10 inch zone
  4. GroBee™ Sun Z1 Pro UV Extension
    • the UV Extension adds two special fluorescent lights with high intensity UV-A and UV-B light which will boost your yield up to 25%
    • covers 20x20 inch zone, up to recommented 30x30inch
All kind of GroBee Hardware live in the Hive. The Hive is a hexagonal flexible expandable structure that will host all different kinds of light sources, sensors, controllers, fans, humidifiers, air & water purifiers and more.

The goal of GroBee is to provide a fully automated growing environment for everybody. Put in your seed, fill your water tank, forget about it a few weeks, harvest and enjoy your fully natural self-grown plants. The focus will be to grow organic plants in an as most as possible ecological cycle. 
I'm also planning to integrate Aquaponics. Aquaponics is a form of plant growing which uses the animal waste of fish to fertilize your plants. You have a fish tank, feed your fishes and the fishes feed your plants, your meal. 

I'm done with the prototype of the Z1 and the Z1x5. I'm going to make the CAD-Design and order material and parts from China. While the stuff is going to arrive, which takes up to 4-6 weeks, I'll continue with the work on the Z1 Pro including the app and all related IT stuff.

I'll also start a social media and other ad-campaigns end January or beginning of Feburary 2019.

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