Inofficial presale of GrowBee products

As the demand rises, even I didn't yet officially started the sale, I decided to put up a basic presale page for easier management of the pre-orders.

Products available for PRE-SALE and prices

  • GrowBee Sun Z1 -> 69€
  • GrowBee Sun Z1 Pro -> 99€
  • GrowBee Sun Z1 Pro UV Extension -> 29€
  • GrowBee Hive 10x10 -> 19€
  • GrowBee Hive 20x20 -> 24€
  • GrowBee Queen -> 99€

When you are interested in one of the following products, please fill the form below.
You will get an E-Mail including an official offer with a link for a savety deposit of 20% of the final sale price.


Please pay your order per bank transfer:

DE07 5002 4024 8099 4178 01